Tai Chi Combats Stress in Beirut

There’s a nice article here about tai chi combating stress in Beirut. Tai chi seems very suitable for conflict ridden regions as people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds can come together, participate and relax. And I like the T.T.Liang quote a lot, the book about him (Steal My Art) being one of the most entertaining reads about a tai chi master:

Of all the exercises, I should say that T’ai Chi is the best. It can ward off disease, banish worry and tension, bring improved physical health and prolong life. It is a good hobby for your whole life, the older you are, the better. It is suitable for everyone – the weak, the sick, the aged, children, the disabled and blind. It is also an economical exercise. As long as one has three square feet of space, one can take a trip to paradise and stay there to enjoy life for thirty minutes without spending a single cent.