The ACP Recommends Tai Chi For Back Pain

The American College of Physicians has recommended tai chi and other non invasive treatments for lower back pain. This answers the question that several students have asked me about whether tai chi will be good for their backs.

This makes perfect sense as tai chi helps gently straighten the spine and create structures that support it and hold it in place. The in increase proprioception experienced by tai chi players will also be invaluable as it acts as an early warning system if you’re doing something that will exacerbate a back condition.

Cheng Man Ching

Here’s a video showing Cheng Man Ching in action. One of Yang Chengfu’s later students, Cheng Man Ching modified his teacher’s long form by having a more upright stance and smaller movements. He also created a shortened version of the traditional form which missed out some movements and repetitions.