Hello and welcome to West Lancs Tai Chi, my name is Nigel Davies and I am a registered and insured instructor with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. The style of tai chi I teach is traditional Yang style together with some authentic qigong exercises. I am not currently offering any classes, though I am available for private tuition, inset days and other events.

Traditional tai chi should not be confused with the modern, simplified tai chi where classes usually focus on a shortened form such as the 24 form. Modern tai chi stems from a decision from the Chinese communist government to commission a popular health exercise for the masses. It is easy to learn but it does not have the same health benefits or help you develop the kind of internal power that can be used martially. It could reasonably be described as ‘tai chi lite’ which tends to be popular with older people who are looking for some gentle aerobic exercise.

A traditional tai chi syllabus will be more demanding and typically consist of zhan zhuang (standing meditation), some qigong and neigung exercises, posture testing and a long and a quite complex form. It is also important for students to practice what you have learned if they want to make progress.

Please note that is important to take lessons from those who have learned from authentic sources and who have energy and strength which belies their years. If a teacher is not energetic and strong after practicing these arts then something is amiss. They should also be clear and up front about who they studied with. My main teacher has been Philip Kubilius who was a student of several masters including John Ding, first disciple of Ip Tai Tak and one of the greatest living Yang style masters, and also Michael Tse. I am still taking regular lessons with Philip after 10 years, with him giving me permission to teach in 2016. I have also studied with other people including Steven Williams (a disciple of Master Lam Kam Chuen who wrote The Way of Energy) and Raymond Towers.

Despite my syllabus being a traditional one I make it suitable for all ages and levels of fitness by encouraging students to practice only what is within their comfort level and current capabilities. If you are interested in lessons, please contact me using the form you will find here.